Monday, April 28, 2014

APR 28, 2014 - McConnell's Mills and Sweet Memories

*Song of the Day- The Doors - Summer's Almost Gone


             I think everyone has those few childhood friends that made such impacts on their lives, even today they'd never be forgotten.  A boy named Keith Kuhn was exactly one of mine. We were young kids when we met; that awkward stage where you wanted to be so independent, yet still had to have your mom drop you off at Shaler Skateland and the movies.  Yes... for those who are too young and never experienced the joy of a roller rink, roller skating was huge and fun back then, or I'm just a big dork... lol.  There was couple's skate, backward skate, striding in rows, girls and boys choice skate, a real "DJ", video games, a food court, but most of all- no parents :). 

           It was that magical time where you could leave with friends only to be home by dinner, ride bikes to IGA without parents being scared you wouldn't return, and you could just be a kid.  It was a time when trick or treating wasn't over until the porch lights went off around 9-10pm, and chaperones weren't needed if you went as a group.  In addition, importantly there were no CELL PHONES!!!  As much as I use mine as an adult, I never had one till I was 21 and miss it.  I did however have the Mountain Dew free pager.  Anyone remember that from saving the bottle caps ?? I felt totes cool with my own pager and 20 free pages per month..haha.  Least to say, times were a lot different while we were growing up.

            Keith never forgot my birthday, and if he didn't have money for a card, he'd make one from a napkin.  He'd offered his coat even when I wasn't cold, would send me postcards and sometimes a souvenir when on vacation, but most of all he always aimed to make sure I was smiling and happy.  He even drove all the way to Ocean City, MD the first summer I lived there for my birthday because I was so homesick. I'll never forget him for that.  I remember he was horrified once he got onto Coastal Highway, eight lanes of craziness, with 2 bus lanes.  He got the hang of it, but it was funny at first.  He was my one of my best friends.

           Yesterday, I spent hours upon hours sitting, reflecting, and talking with him at McConnell's Mills; one of our favorite places to go once we could drive.  He would always go in front of me because I was afraid I'd fall off a cliff ( BTW almost did yesterday- note to self, don't wear flip flops next time) .  He also enjoyed to rock climb the most impossible ones; I'd just wait till he was done cause I was like forget that. 

           There were so many memories that filled my heart, tears filled my eyes, and it was almost too much to be bear at times.  I had to just get up, walk around, and recompose myself.  I took the following pictures from the location his ashes were spread.  I chose to do no revisions to any of the photos; as Keith loved nature for it's remarkably true and real stunning beauty.  Sweet memories of one of the sweetest men I knew.  Love and miss you.







 " Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer. "
                   -Jean de le Fontaine

Can't leave without a giving you a hug.