Friday, April 11, 2014

APR 11, 2014 - Paying homage to an amazing man.

          Earlier this month, a long time friend's family father passed away, unexpectedly.  I'll never forget the first time meeting him.  My father had worked as a car salesman at the time, and brought 2 gentlemen over to the house for lunch. This was when I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Nazif, and his son Aaron.  I was about 14 at the time, and decided to make sandwiches, it was something fast and easy, and I didn't really cook much then. 

         I remember that he invited me to come and see their hanger and plane, and I had never known anyone before to fly small airplanes.  I found it extremely interesting and awesome, and was in awe that he had the opportunity to just leave the ground when he wanted.  

         I became friend's with Aaron, and he invited me over for dinner.  I was nervous and when they brought the food out, I was even more nervous.  His mother made food I had never heard of, let alone tasted before.  I tried everything, from hummus and pita, to grape leaves wrapped with something inside, to tabbouleh, and my favorite- meat on a stick. I'm still not exactly what it is except it was amazing, and 20 years later it still holds that name. Everything was delicious.

        Through the years, we have kept in touch off and on.  Then one day I went into Dollar Bank to open an account, and who was there, but Sousan.  At this point I hadn't seen her for probably 5 plus years.  It was fate I believe, and still do to this day.  Their family has always supported Audrey and I, through prayer, guidance, and love.  

         Mr. Nazif loved Audrey to death, and would always ask about her, and was always excited to see her.  He has touched our lives, and I will never forget him, or stop thinking of him.  He also touched and impacted the lives of thousands.  Below is the obituary article the Pgh Post Gazzette wrote in his honor.  I'm not one to be outwardly religious, but I will keep him and his family in my prayers, as he had always in mine. 

         I chose this song for you, Mr. Nazif, because as long as I can remember as a little girl, it was my favorite, and would often bring tears to my eyes as I became older. It still does to this day, and is very special to me.  It takes me back to a time where I loved God, and knew he watched over me.  I know he is now watching over you, and you are happy.  

                                                                                             Love Always,