Saturday, February 1, 2014

JAN 31, 2014 - Valentine's Day : Unwelcome & Unneeded


            I'm over these Valentine's Day surprise commercials.  How about not be a sheep, and tell your loved one everyday you love them, not because Hallmark or FTD tells you to at the tune of $50.00.    Why love can't be free as it should be is sad, capitalistic, & disgusting! Take a post it, jot some honest feelings, and DON'T give it on Feb 14.  

         You're now a true romantic. They're dying quick and fast, but are remembered forever.  I still own a Burger King napkin that says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Amber- Love Keith" with balloons drawn on it. It's one of my most prized possessions given to me on my 14th birthday.

         Don't let Big Business tell you how and when to love.  Be your own person, make your own fate, believe you can make something special happen any day for the one you care about- not JUST on FEB 14. Don't baa for Big Business, love when, how, spontaneously, and especially on your terms... always.   Here were my terms this years... I made some of my favorite foods, listened to Shirley Bassey on vinyl, and enjoyed the silence.