Wednesday, January 8, 2014

JAN 8, 2014 - Mom's birthday dinner and gifts

      * Song of the Day: Carole King - Way Over Yonder
          Tonight we are celebrating my mother's birthday at our house.  I've decided to prepare farfalle noodles with meat marinara sauce, accompanied by salad and delicious Mancini's french and pesto breads.  For dessert we will be having homemade Oreo cheesecake.  

        Today I spent the afternoon in the Strip buying presents that I thought my mom would like, and could use.  I hope that she enjoys her birthday dinner with my dad, Rex, I, Audrey, Jack, and my brother Aaron.  Even though we make each other crazy at times, I love my mom to death.

Gifts bought today were:
1. PennMac- anise pizzelles 
2. Parma- 1 lb sicilian sausage, 1 lb garlic sausage
3. Wholey's- 1 lb nonpareils 
4. Prestogeorge - 1/2 lb toasted almond coffee ground 
5. In the Kitchen Place- Grapefruit keeper
6. Penzeys- 1.0 oz white pepper, .8 oz chili 9000, 16 oz granulated garlic powder
7. Outside merchant- Winter hat
8. PghPopcorn Co. - Medium Salty Caramel Popcorn bag
Happy Birthday :)   


JAN 8, 2014 - First Portfolio

       *Song of the Day: Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now

          I love photography.  I've never taken any formal classes, but when Jack was born I decided I wanted a DSLR camera.  I saved, and saved, and saved until I finally bought the Nikon D90 per friend's advice.  I wish I would have done this years ago.  The picture quality is so much different from a  point and shoot it's unbelievable.  

         After reading a little of the 900 page manual, and watching some videos on the D90; I just decided to go for it and start shooting.  I've slowly bought new lenses and flashes through the years.  This portfolio contains pictures from Valencia, PA; NYC, and Las Vegas.

         I continue taking pictures when I can, it's one of my favorite outlets. This camera is the best material purchase I've ever made, with the exception of my professional Kitchenaid Mixer.  If my house were burning down, these two things I would run in for first.