Monday, January 6, 2014

JAN 6, 2014 - Elegance out my window

    *Song of the Day: Cowboy Junkies - December Skies

       I often think to myself, "Why do I continue to live here in PA?  Once winter starts people are miserable and angry, which I don't understand since it's a season that occurs every year.  LOL.

        I must be crazy not to move to a sunny state like San Diego or somewhere in Cali, where you can wear shorts year round; and grow amazing fruits, vegetables, and flowers that are impossible here.
        Winters here in PA can be rough and dangerous, especially while some drivers believe slowing down isn't required in this changing weather. 
         Then it hits me, I'd miss living in a state that has all four seasons. Although sometimes rain, ice, and snow are annoying; I can't imagine Christmas with palm trees or the absence of green lawns and the scent of fresh cut grass.   
       The beauty and simplicity of snow flakes falling on and between bare branches, and smiles on a child's face once they hit their tongues is enough for me to stay