Monday, December 23, 2013

DEC 23, 2013 - Spirit of Christmas in the Hearts of Strangers

       *Song of the Day: Iron and Wine- Peng! 33

          Last night, Rex and I were tremendously surprised to find 2 packages on our side porch when we returned home from the grocery store.   They both were wrapped, one for Audrey, the other for Jack.  They were addressed "Merry Christmas, -Love, Santa."

        Incredibly both gifts were things that the kids had on their wish lists, but we could not afford them.  This year has been filled with over $7,000 of medical bills, $500 car deductible from recent wreck, and a $700 trip I took that I expected to pay for from working during trip, but unfortunately did not happen that way.   These are not our kid's concern, but unfortunately it does effect them.

          Least to say Christmas is much smaller this year.  My adult friend gifts are all homemade, and I requested no gifts be bought for our children or us, since we could not reciprocate the gesture. We even opted out of our own family grab bag so we could save that money for our children.  

        This is the first time we've never participated; and it's strange, and a little sad to be honest.  However,  Rex and I made the decision together for Jack and Audrey's sake.

          Earlier last month I told Audrey that Christmas would be significantly smaller this year, and that I was sorry due to most of the above bills being from me.   I cried, and apologized profusely, feeling like I had let my kids down.  I know Christmas is not all about material things, but for a 14 and 6 year old- it's important.

       Audrey later stated to me, " Don't get me anything before you buy Jack all of his gifts."  This not only shocked me, but also made me so very proud of how thoughtful she was toward Jack even though they fight daily. 

         Rex and I did our best to get some things that they would like, but knew Christmas would seem very different to them.  We are so grateful to the person or persons that gave us these gifts.  Whoever you are, you have revived the spirit of Christmas through your kindness and generosity that we would never be able to repay you for. 

        Hopefully you are somewhere out there reading this, and realize that you are truly phenomenal, and we will never forget this our entire lives.

        Merry Christmas and thank you from the depth of my heart.  You have rekindled my faith in the goodness of humanity.
                                                                                               Love Always,                                                                                                                                                         Amber