Tuesday, December 17, 2013

DEC 17, 2013 - What's next ???

       *Song of the Day: Ray LaMontagne- All the Wild Horses

         On our drive home today I ended up taking two pictures of the night sky I found breathtaking and surreal.  Driving at times it feels like everything around me goes into slow motion, and I can't distinguish what is real and what feels as only I can describe it as a dream. I sometimes pinch myself to make sure I'm still alive when this happens, just to secure my sanity.  
         I'm not definitive on what or who I believe may be waiting for me in the afterlife, but with beauty like this it's hard for me to believe nothing happens.  Just some thoughts I have often when driving, looking at nature's sights, and even after experiencing friendship and love. It's hard for me to think that unique and powerful energy disappears with death. 
       Either way, I cannot get over the respect and awe I have for some of the beauties of this life. 

      I've never seen anything like this before, breathtaking.  Talking about death and afterlife, this past weekend I had a conversation about the three songs friends of mine would pick for our own funerals.  My three songs are....