Sunday, December 15, 2013

DEC 14, 2023 - Newborns and Life Long Decisions

                       *Song of the Day: Louis Armstrong- What a Wonderful World

           All of my friends have been super fertile this last year. Three of my closest friends are all having babies.  They are so damn cute, cuddly, sweet, smell good, and innocent. 

          I posted earlier on a friend's blog " Hurry it up already, new baby smell > new car smell."  I decided 6 years ago when I had Jack to get a tubal ligation, which then was the most responsible and logical decision.
           Now fast forward almost 7 years later, and regret creeps in late at night.  I can't erase the past, but at times I really want a redo. Especially when gazing into innocent eyes of an angel who only yearns for unconditional love and affection.
           If I had it to do it again, three children I may have enjoyed to be a mother of. 

       Babies are such amazing miracles.  I love you Violet, Liam, and Amelia. 

Liam and I

Stephanie and Violet

         "Always kiss your children goodnight, even if they're already asleep."
              -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.