Friday, December 13, 2013

DEC 13, 2013 - Our family Christmas tradition.

                               *Song of the Day: John Lennon- Happy Christmas

         Every year our family has only a couple Christmas traditions.  Our favorite is putting up the Christmas tree.  
      After a long day of crazy stressful shopping, insane holiday drivers, and my fair share of weirdos, it was nice to come home and do something calming and familiar.
       I also want to say thanks so much Aunt Barb and Grandma Conner for watching Jack today.  We're grateful and super appreciative. :)!
         This year the kids decided to put the tree up together.  We own few "important" ornaments that are toward the top, the others are kid friendly plastic craptastic bulbs. The three reasons for this, reason one Audrey, reason two Jack, and reason three... ME. Lol.

         Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not the most graceful, careful, or luckiest person, and unfortunately my apples haven't fallen far from the tree. However, my children did get my strikingly beautiful and seemingly ageless genes so it evens out (my current laughter is muffling the Pens game btw.) 
         Audrey showed Jack how to decorate the tree with patience and friendliness the entire time. I thought to myself, "Who is this girl, and where is my Audrey?" I then realized, she's growing up, and no longer my little girl.  

          Before me stands a beautiful, kind, sweet, big sister that I am so proud of there are no words.  As I start realizing time has passed me by, tears start to well up. 
        Earlier today I said I loathe Christmas this year. In a single moment with my children that changed, I changed. They constantly make me better without even knowing it. I sometimes don't even realize it until after thinking about it. 

        Thank you Audrey and Jack for my early Christmas present, it's priceless and perfect.  Marilyn Monroe always said, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." 

                                                 Well not this girl, mine are my kids. 

Audrey (14) Jack (6)

Red Glow of Christmas Time